Restroom Sanitation


Let’s face it… nothing is worse than a filthy bathroom that reeks of foul odors. At Servco Industries, we understand the importance of a clean restroom. We are deeply committed to restroom sanitation – it is our promise to leave your restroom sterilized and sparkling.

At Servco Industries, we train our staff on the best methods for ensuring restroom cleanliness. Whether it be the sanitation of a single stall restroom or a massive shopping center rest area, our professional janitorial services have the skills, knowledge, and experience to deliver the best result – a clean, sanitized and welcoming restroom.

Clean restrooms are imperative to making your guests and employees feel comfortable in your building. For many businesses, the state of your restroom can determine if a customer becomes a repeat customer or not. The restroom is a place for people to enjoy their personal time in solitude. This experience is greatly enhanced when the facility is clean and odor-free. Everyone who enters your restroom will associate their experience with your business. Allow Servco to help you guarantee it is a positive one.

Aside from personal comfort, restroom sanitation is critical for health reasons. An unclean bathroom is guaranteed to create an environment that is a breeding ground for bacteria like staphylococcus aureus (staph), E. Coli, and athlete’s foot. You are putting your employees, customers, and guests at risk of a number of infections or diseases if you fail to make restroom cleanliness a top priority. At Servco, we have the expertise, techniques, and consistency to ensure a safe bathroom sanitation experience for everyone.