Grout Cleaning

They say the devil is often in the details!

When was the last time the grout in your facility was cleaned and restored to its original condition? Discolored and dirty grout is known to accumulate in large amounts in places like restrooms and kitchens. This is due to product spillage over time with things like soaps or perfumes, ultimately resulting in grout discoloration. When this occurs, the joints are also known to discolor as those items dry in the crevices in between tiles. Surface cleaning is not a solution to this problem because it only cleans the surfaces.

Servco Industries can guarantee the removal of all that stubborn dirt. Using our specialized grout cleaning equipment, we can ensure your grout is restored to its original color. Through utilization of a deep steam process and stratogrip brushes, we are able to get deep into the pores of the grout, ensuring a substantially cleaner area.

Dirty grout is a breeding ground for germs. Get ahead of the germs and ask us about our grout maintenance program today!