Medical Grade & Environmental Cleaning

With the spread of COVID-19, people are fearful of the possibility of coming into contact with pathogens that can make them ill. With our extensive experience in medical grade cleaning, we work hard to create a workspace that is pathogen free and safe. Our results have afforded us the ongoing opportunity to work with some of the top hospitals in New York City. Servco Industries is well versed in terminal cleaning and disinfecting of operating suites as well as all perioperative environments. We have been summoned on many occasions to assist in PACU, ASU and SPD when hospital staff have failed to meet the required standards.

In addition to hospitals, we are proud to serve some of New York’s largest schools and office buildings. We don’t just get the surfaces disinfected, we validate it with ATP testing to make sure dangerous blood borne pathogens are eradicated.

In order to provide you with the best result possible we offer a specialized medical-grade cleaning service that cleans, disinfects, and sterilizes your facility.

Electrostatic Disinfecting Spraying

Cleaning an area will almost always result in a surface that will look and smell nice. However, when you are trying to destroy germs and bacteria, soap and water will likely not get the job done. Our disinfectant protocol destroys germs and bacteria left on surfaces. Using a process called electrostatic spraying, an electrically charged disinfectant solution is applied onto a desired area. This technology enables a wrap around effect that allows the disinfectant to reach the hardest of places.

ATP Testing

In order to consider your facility sterile, a tested area should show no trace of live allergens or bacteria. At Servco, our team of technicians is able to prove that our disinfection and sterilization protocol works by conducting ATP testing. What is Adenosine Trisphosphate (ATP)?  In short, ATP is the universal unit of energy found in all living cells.  Everything from plants to humans produce ATP as their system naturally creates it every second. We are told if allergens, bacteria or other contaminants are present in your facility if ATP is present on your surfaces. We use ATP swabs to test a specific area and produce a report showing how much ATP is being produced in that spot. If this shows in our report, we know that the surface is contaminated and bacteria is present. After we spray our electrostatic disinfectant and account for proper dwell time, we test the area again. Within a matter of minutes you can watch a surface transform from an area full of germs to an area completely sterile.

Common Test Areas Include:

  • Reception Desks
  • Medical Stands
  • Operating Tables
  • Locker Rooms
  • Door Knobs
  • Light Switches
  • Keyboards
  • Kitchens
  • Office Cubicles