Do you own a malfunctioning commercial OPL washing machine or dryer in the Westchester County Area? At Servco Laundry Solutions (SLS) we are confident that we’ve encountered every possible issue that an OPL machine might face. No faulty machine can catch us off guard or stump us, given our track record of fixing over 10,000 machines in the past years, with none left unresolved. Our dedicated technicians are passionate about their work and continually strive to enhance their skills.

SLS offers repair services for commercial washers, dryers, and ironers on a billable basis. Our knowledgeable staff can replace parts under warranty at no cost, while non-warranty parts are billed accordingly. SLS is equipped to service and repair your commercial on premise laundry (OPL) equipment in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

Our expertise extends to repairing all types and brands of industrial laundry equipment, including but not limited to Wascomat, Cissell, Speed Queen, IPSO, Continental Girbau, Chicago Ironers, Milnor, UniMac, Huebsch, ADC, Sharper Finish Ironers, Maytag, and many others.

Our OPL technicians have 30+ years of experience and follow a meticulous approach before replacing any parts. At SLS, we prioritize a thorough understanding and diagnostics of the malfunction and the necessity of the repair before making any decisions.

At SLS, we are confident that we have encountered every conceivable issue in washing machines, extractors, and dryers. Our technicians have been successfully fixing machines since the 1990s. They approach each problem with expertise, knowledge, and assurance. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and take pride in our technicians’ commitment to enhancing their skills daily.

Operating on both a daily and emergency basis, SLS provides comprehensive OPL, washing machine, extractor, and dryer repair services. We address various scenarios, including issues arising from building changes that may impact equipment operation, such as trouble with water, gas, electric, compressed air, or exhaust ducts. Our technicians are adept at troubleshooting problems like a malfunctioning compressor, a non-operational external fan, or a closed fire damper in the exhaust duct.

For your convenience, our service repair trucks are well-equipped with parts for washing machines, extractors, and dryers from reputable brands like Milnor, Unimac, Continental Girbau, American Dryer, Chicago, Sharper Finish, B&C, Ipso, Cissell, Speed Queen, Huebsch, Wascomat, and more.

SLS proudly offers “Emergency and Weekend Service,” ensuring a response within 24 hours for our customers. We operate on both a daily and emergency basis, providing thorough troubleshooting in various situations. These scenarios may involve building changes impacting equipment operation, issues with water, gas, electric, compressed air, or exhaust ducts. Examples include diagnosing a malfunctioning compressor, an improperly functioning external fan, or a closed fire damper in the exhaust duct.

SLS is dedicated to customer support and committed to providing a timely and reliable service and repair solution to all our clients. When our customers encounter issues, we are committed to promptly restoring their laundries to peak performance.