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Quiz: Is It Time For A New Cleaning Service?

When you come into work do things just seem off? Are the crumbs from the sandwich you ate at your desk yesterday still there? Take this quiz to find out if you a new cleaning service.

When you come into work do things just seem off? Are the crumbs from the sandwich you ate at your desk yesterday still there?  Take this quiz to find out if you a new cleaning service.

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3 Ways Professional Office Cleaning Services Benefit Your Employees’ Health

Even the smallest office environments require constant upkeep to remain in ideal condition for maximum employee health and wellness. Without a clean work environment, employees often suffer mental and physical health problems from exposure to germs and other workplace hazards. In fact, according to Stanford Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer, employers must closely control the quality and cleanliness of their office space to show they are “serious about managing the health of their workforce and controlling health care costs.” When you invest in high quality cleaning services for your office environment, you acquire the three following benefits for your employees.

Boost Mental Wellness

With many employees spending more than half of their waking hours at work, the office environment can have a huge impact on their mental health. Cluttered and messy work environments, for example, contribute to increased employees stress levels, which can negatively impact mental health over time. Constant stress can lead to a number of severe health problems, including anxiety and depression. When depression sets in, employees end up having to take twice as many sick days throughout the year to cope with the symptoms and seek medical care.
By keeping your office environment clean and orderly, you can immediately decrease employee stress levels enough to protect their mental health status. Without excess stress, your employees can handle more tasks and bigger projects with less oversight. You may notice a drastic jump in productivity and overall employee morale from simply ensuring your office space is professionally cleaned.

Halt The Spread of Infection

Even in the absence of visible dirt and grime, poorly cleaned office environments can facilitate the spread of germs through your workforce. Despite blame placed on the bathrooms, the average desk has 400 times more germs than a public toilet.

Other office touch points teeming with germs include:
• Door handles
• Handrails
• Phone receivers
• Elevator buttons
• Keyboards
• Computer mice
• Copy machine buttons
• Printers
• Microwaves
• Breakroom tables

Although your employees may typically spend an enormous amount of time sanitizing the bathrooms and breakrooms, other germ touch points in common areas are ignored.

Furthermore, using the bathroom triggers a hand washing session while utilizing the elevator or copy machine does not. Kimberly-Clark Professional manager, Kelly Arehart offers the reminder that germs spread “every time we go out into one of those common areas, every time we shake hands with someone, every time we touch anything” in the office environment.

When office cleaners pay close attention to these oft-ignored areas, workplace illnesses, including the prevalence of colds and flus, decreases. Since up to 60% of workers often show up to work while infected with the flu, you may also see a marked increase in productivity, as your employees are better able to focus and complete tasks while well.

Prevent Sick Building Syndrome

Sick building syndrome may run rampant through office buildings without high quality professional cleaning services. This syndrome is actually caused by direct exposure to chemical and biological contaminants from indoor and outdoor sources. A poorly functioning ventilation system allows these contaminants to settle on indoor surfaces in high concentrations. The problem is not limited to older buildings either, as 30% of new or recently renovated buildings contain these illness-causing contaminants.

Without regular nightly cleans, the contaminants, such as mold, insect droppings and volatile organic compounds, remain on surfaces that employees frequently touch. The exposure can cause serious symptoms, including dizziness, headaches, nausea and personality changes, to develop right away. The symptoms tend to linger after prolonged exposure to the causative elements. Professional cleans neutralize and eliminate the contaminants that cause sick building syndrome before they can harm your employees.

Scheduling Your Professional Cleaning Services

Although you could attempt to clean your workplace yourself to mitigate the above effects on your employees’ health, you may end up paying extra in the long run and still suffer ill effects from cross contamination. Professional office cleaners have the skills and equipment required to quickly clean and sanitize office buildings to keep everyone comfortable and happy in that space during their workdays.

To obtain high quality cleaning services for your office, contact Servco Industries at 718-409-2310 to obtain a free quote. You can also inquire about the available special offers during your call. After just a few short months of obtaining comprehensive cleans, you can compare your employees’ prior sick days with the current rates to note the decrease in time off. Your employees’ productivity rates will likely reflect the mental and physical health improvements obtained from working in a clean, sanitized work environment. You may even note that employee satisfaction has improved overall since investing in this important service.


5 Signs You Need a New Office Cleaning Service

Imagine walking over the same rug, day in and day out, for months and years. One day, you muse that the floor isn’t quite even. Then, a while later, people start stumbling as they walk through the room. Then, someone suggests moving the rug. When you lift it up, low and behold; the floor wasn’t uneven, your guests’ weren’t just prone to stumbling – dirt was being swept under it this whole time!

The “rug” is your building. And the dirt being swept under it may well be the cleaning quality of the service you’re receiving. But, like slowly accumulating dirt swept under a rug, the steady decline in quality of service from your current company may be too subtle to notice. You may not even realize that the negative side effects of inadequate cleaning are, well, the result of inadequate cleaning!

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Why Outsourcing Your Cleaning Services is a Better Option than Self Performance

Cleaning your office or business space is a lot more important than you may realize. When done right, it presents a healthier work environment and makes your business more attractive to paying customers. When done wrong, cleaning services can bring a world of pain to your employees and your bottom line. Some businesses believe that it is a wise move to use existing staff to handle the cleaning responsibilities of the business, but this could be a huge mistake for all the following reasons.